Dominica: Kalinago Day-The Kalinagos are the indigenous people of Dominica

One year after the devastation of Hurricane Maria, Kalinago Day survives in the Kalinago Territory with a school lecture series and a cultural extravaganza that highlights Kalinago existence on Wa’tukubuli (Dominica) as an account of resilience.

While the Kalinago people are mindful of the effects of climate change, there must also be reverence for the indigenous people’s contribution to the socio-economic and cultural development of the island.

In observance of Kalinago Day: September 19th the Kalinago Events Committee and the Ministry of Kalinago Affairs, therefore, honor the Kalinago heritage of the island with a lecture series for the primary schools servicing the community and a cultural event dubbed: “Drum Voices”.

The lecture series will be focus on the contributions of the Kalinago people to our island’s development and discuss the events that have qualified the day as one to commemorate.

The cultural spectacular will be held under the theme: “Kalinago Existence a History of Resilience” The event will showcase the Karina and Karifuna Cultural groups, the Kalinago Dancers and the St. Cyr Lapo Kabrit Band and also showcase storytelling and other presentations.

The culminating activity of the “Drum Voices” will be the delivery of solidarity messages from cultural elders and activists, and Kalinago leaders.



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