Jamaica: Growing Rift Between US, Ja – Gov’ts At Stalemate Over Intelligence-Sharing MOU

There are increasingly loud whispers in diplomatic circles about a growing rift between the governments of Jamaica and the United States (US) over the terms of a proposed updated intelligence-sharing memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the two countries.

Gleaner sources say the two governments have been in talks for some time, but have been unable to find common ground.

According to sources, the Andrew Holness administration is balking at some of the requests of the US government, and has indicated that it has questions about the constitutionality of some of the demands of the Americans.

But with Jamaica remaining a major source of drugs going into the US, plus the damaging lottery scam, where Jamaicans have bilked millions of dollars from unsuspecting Americans, the US is demanding carte blanche access to suspected scammers and drug dealers.

To compound the matter, the Americans are reportedly concerned about the increasingly warm relationship between Jamaica and Israel amid allegations that the Israelis are in the island looking to provide guidance to improve the intelligence-gathering operations of Jamaica’s security forces.

“Right now, there is a stalemate but Jamaica has to sign intelligence-sharing MOUs with the US, the United Kingdom and Canada, so the parties are trying to find common ground, but the Americans are not appearing to want to budge on their demands,” said a Gleaner source.



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