Bahamas: Hosts Major Insurance Conference

INSURANCE executives from throughout the US and the Caribbean met in The Bahamas last month for the annual Life Insurers Committee (LIC) conference sponsored by BAF Financial.

A reception hosting some 30 persons was held on August 13 at the BAF Global headquarters on Independence Highway. The reception preceded the conference, which was held at the Atlantis resort.

Dashwell Flower, BAF Financial’s vice-president of sales, and one of the key speakers at the conference, said: “The LIC conference is held every year in the United States, but this year BAF was a major sponsor and it came to The Bahamas. The reception we held was intended tof welcome persons to The Bahamas and give them a taste of Bahamian culture.

“The LIC is a committee of executives throughout the Americas and the Caribbean, and they meet to discuss marketing strategies on how we can keep the product line very active in the marketplace. We compare notes to see how what new products we can offer. It’s a strategic meeting for the continuity of product lines in the insurance business, as well as management and leadership strategies across the Caribbean and America.”

Mr Flowers said the conference was a success, with thought being given to bringing it back to The Bahamas again next year.


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