Guyana: Modern bus service coming

GUYANA may soon see the introduction of a US$2M high-tech metro bus service into the public transport system should plans follow through with a new company on the market, Guyana Metro Bus.

The company is set to be fully operational by June 2019, according to one of its investors, Robert Millington, who sat down with the Guyana Chronicle on Wednesday to disclose the plans and reasoning behind the initiative.

After leaving Guyana in his teens and spending 24 years in the U.S. Military, Millington retired in 2010 and returned to Guyana in 2013, when he earlier on set up another business, the American Eatery in Eccles, East Bank Demerara. There are two other individuals investing in the company who reside in the United States, while Millington serves for the time as the local representative.

The trio embarked on the mission after they observed, from abroad, the gradual deterioration of the level of service provided in the country’s transport system. This Millington listed as self-imposed fare hikes, physical scuffles over passengers, loud and lewd music, speeding and more, stating: “All of those things forced us to consider what we can do.”

As such, in 2019, the Metro Bus service intends to initially operate five routes which are: Georgetown to Mahaica; Georgetown to Linden; Georgetown to Parika; Georgetown to Timehri and Georgetown to Wales.

To service these routes, the company intends to import seven buses, either from North America, Brazil or China with five to operate the above- mentioned routes and two on standby.

The buses will not rely on fuel, but will be powered by electricity, and charged through a charging station which comes along with the bus.

Millington stated that given Guyana’s current energy challenges, the company will be leaning on the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) to make its upgraded services available.



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  1. This is a brilliant initiative. A twenty first century modern bus service will mitigate the current deplorable conditions the private bus operators provide to the public. Guyanese will see professionalism from the staff of the Guyana Metro Bus compared to verbal abuse citizens have to endure from bus drivers and conductors, the use of a metro card will be better compared to the self-imposed fare hikes, there will be no cause for physical scuffles over passengers, passengers will not be discomforted by loud and lewd music, drivers will adhere to speed limit and the ambience will be delightful. It will be a twenty four hours service with specific time schedule. More employment for Guyanese.


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