Cuba: More on Cuba’s Free Education for All

Even though it sounds awful to say it, my wife and I were counting down the days until school began again. Almost three months of holidays with two energetic kids at home are honestly very exhausting, as well as the stress spending money to give them more or less an enjoyable vacation is on our family budget.

However, the start of the new school year didn’t give us the peace of mind we were hoping for.

My son who started 5th grade this year, doesn’t have a classroom yet. The room they had last year isn’t big enough for the new class, so classes are being taught in the school corridor “until they find a solution”, the school notified us.

However, this is incidental when compared to my daughter’s experience, who has just started preschool.

As the teacher last year had been accused of physically abusing the children after several anonymous letters had been written, she won’t be teaching this year, but she is now the director of a daycare-center.

The day preschool started, we were introduced to the new preschool teacher, a 60-something year old woman who introduced herself by saying just how revolutionary she was and how much she owed to the Revolution and to Fidel, as a black woman. My wife and I ignore any ideological indoctrination as it runs throughout our entire education system and we can’t tilt at windmills, however, we were very happy to see that the new teacher was experienced.



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