Guyana: Gas Boom-Eco Atlantic finds 2.9B barrels of oil and gas offshore

Eco Atlantic, one of several companies drilling for oil offshore Guyana, has announced a gross figure of approximately 2.9 billion barrels of oil and gas equivalents in its Orinduik block, verified by the first ever independent assessment done on the field.

According to a Competent Persons Report (CBR) done by Gustavson Associates, the oil was found in 10 prospects within the block. It is believed to include 2.505 billion barrels of recoverable oil and 2.449 trillion cubic feet of associated gas.
Those are, however, gross estimates. According to the company, the total net figure is 1.165 billion barrels. The CBR adds that the risk, or probability of success when extracting the oil, is a 16.8 to 22.4 per cent range.
In a statement on the find, Chief Operating Officer of Eco Atlantic Colin Kinley expressed pleasure at the findings and noted that the first well is expected to be drilled early in 2019. He described it as a major development for both the shareholders and the people of Guyana.

“Today’s CPR confirms the high prospectivity of our Orinduik Block. We are delighted by the identification of at least 10 exploration leads with close to three billion barrels of recoverable oil potential, confirmed by Gustavson. We are very pleased with the current interpretation work that has been completed at Tullow, Gustavson and within Eco and have a great deal of confidence in our joint efforts to date.”
“The additional discovery on Exxon’s Stabroek Block, including the most recent Hammerhead-1 that is on our 3D survey, enables us to see the formations ramp up onto Orinduik. These have greatly helped us to further understand the play. The partners will carefully consider in the coming months the prioritisation of the leads for drilling as we continue work on the drilling engineering and the environmental permitting.”
Kinley noted that three of the targets that were identified have estimated Probability of Success rates calculated at 22.4 per cent. The executive described these figures as “extremely good” for any company on a single lead, let alone three.



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