Jamaica: Isaac Now Category One Hurricane, JDF Urges Pedro Cays Evacuation

Tropical Storm Isaac has now been upgraded to a category one storm and the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Coast Guard is urging fisher-folk to evacuate the Pedro Cays as soon as possible as the system heads towards the eastern Caribbean.

The Coast Guard says it will also be evacuating its personnel from the Pedro Cays station.

“We are urging persons on the banks to heed these warnings,” said Lieutenant Commander Aceion Prescott, acting commanding officer of the JDF Coast Guard.

Prescott said these storms can strengthen suddenly and become even deadlier and more unpredictable overnight.

The JDF Coast Guard has sent one of its vessels to the Pedro banks to help people there.

The vessel is due to arrive on Tuesday morning.

The JDF says person in need should take advantage of the opportunity as it may become extremely unlikely that another trip will be possible.

Isaac is expected to approach the Lesser Antilles on Thursday as a category one hurricane.



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