Dominica: Isaac speeding west toward the island

The 5 a.m. report on Monday from the Caribbean Hurricane Network indicates National Hurricane Center data is uncertain about Isaac’s predicted path.

According to Nevis forecaster Harry W. Hallstrom, forecast models predict two different paths. On Thursday at 5 a.m., Isaac will be about 220 miles east of Dominica with winds of 80 mph. Within 24 hours it is predicted to move about 180 miles west of Dominica with winds at 70 mph. That’s 400 miles movement westward in a 24-hour period.

“I’d say that is quite a fast pace,” Hallstrom said. “So far the NHC has been very accurate with its projections, so let’s see how this follows.”

Hallstrom advised everyone to stay alert to any changes.

Lesser Antilles on alert

The anticipated track of Isaac will put the Lesser Antilles in line for possible impacts this week.

“There is a growing consensus that this system could threaten the Lesser Antilles during the middle or later part of the week,” AccuWeather hurricane expert Dan Kottlowski said.

Environmental conditions across the Atlantic will be favourable for strengthening as Isaac tracks toward the islands.

“There is a significant chance this storm may become a hurricane along the way,” AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski added.

Regardless of strength, seas will become rough and dangerous for bathers and boaters along the east-facing portions of the islands as early as Wednesday.

Rain and wind should also increase during the second half of the week on the projected path of the tropical storm.



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