Jamaica: Tropical Storm Isaac approaches, the Peak Of Hurricane Season Has Arrived

As at least three storms churn their way towards the Caribbean and North America, Evan Thompson, director of the Meteorological Service Division, is warning that, statistically, the peak of the hurricane is now here.

While the Met Service said that two of those systems, hurricanes Helene and Florence, are not threats to Jamaica, Tropical Storm Isaac, which was expected to become a hurricane by this morning, was not considered a threat to the island “at this time”.

The Met Service said it would continue to monitor all systems.

Isaac is expected to move across the Lesser Antilles and into the eastern Caribbean Sea by Wednesday or Thursday. Maximum sustained winds had yesterday increased to near 110 km/h with higher gusts.

“The peak of the hurricane season is really near around the 10th of September, and we are really at the peak when you look at it statistically,” Thompson told The Gleaneryesterday.

“What we have been seeing over the past week or so is good reason to say you cannot drop your guard. As long as we are still in the hurricane season, there is always a good chance that we are impacted by at least a tropical depression. We have to maintain a level of preparedness right throughout.”



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