Dallas police officer who fatally shot man after entering wrong apartment charged with manslaughter

The Dallas police officer who fatally shot a 26-year-old man after entering the wrong apartment in her building on Thursday night was arrested late Sunday.

Officer Amber Guyger, the four-year force veteran who killed Botham Jean after entering a home she believed was her own, was taken into custody and charged with manslaughter.

Guyger, 30, was booked into the Kaufman County jail.

Last week, Guyger was returning from her shift and accidentally entered Jean’s apartment, thinking it was her own, she told investigators. Thinking the 26-year-old man was an intruder, she shot and killed him.

“If it was a white man would it have been different? Would she have reacted differently?” the victim’s mother Allison Jean told KXAS on Friday.

Guyger shot another man while on duty in Dallas, according to an affidavit from a 2017 case.

She was one of two officers called to assist another officer when suspect Uvaldo Perez got out of a car and became combative. Guyger fired her Taser at Perez, but he was able to knock it away. Guyger pulled out her gun and fired, wounding Perez.

Dallas cops initially said they would seek Guyger’s arrest, but they instead handed the case over to the Texas Rangers.

“The Texas Rangers had the opportunity to interview the officer,” Dallas Police Chief U. Renee Hall said during a press conference. “Based on that interview, they asked us to hold off on the warrant until they had an opportunity to investigate some of the information that was provided during that interview.”



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