Antigua: Drug charges for airline worker

The LIAT fight operations supervisor accused of smuggling drugs into the country is expected in court before a magistrate this morning.

Daren Leslie Dunnah, 35, is charged with importation of two pounds of cannabis, possession, intent to transfer, being concerned in the supply of the drug and making a false Declaration to Customs.

The Cassada Gardens man, who is well known for his private courier business which is operated from his home, was arrested on September 6, a day after the contraband was found inside a microwave that had been brought into the country and was in the warehouse at the Deep Water Harbour.

According to an official report, the marijuana was hidden in a panel in the electronic appliance.

After the operation at the Deep Water Harbour, the next day the police, along with specially trained dogs from the K-9 Unit went to Dunnah’s home with a warrant to search for additional contraband, but nothing was found.

The flight operations supervisor, who has been working with LIAT for almost 12 years, can be jailed and or fined if he is convicted for the alleged crimes.



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