Suriname: Small drug dealers deserve a tighter approach

‘Operation Hope’, the special action of the police, appears to be effective. A large number of small drug dealers have been arrested since the beginning of August, says Humphrey Naarden, Head of Information for the Police Force in Suriname. On Tuesday, the Arrest Team found one of the most wanted criminals, Wiren Nandan in the collar at the Fred Derbystraat. The man is suspected of fraud and embezzlement. His investigation was ordered by the attorney general on 30 August.

At Operation Hope in Paramaribo, besides drugs, a lot of fist firearms and electric shock weapons were confiscated. Naarden thinks that the small-scale drug trade now deserves much more attention, because a certain trend arises in this group that mainly ends up in popular neighborhoods. “We have done a lot of raids in hotspots over the past few weeks, because these guys are not just on street corners, and we find weapons or drugs every time we invade them.” Since the start of the special operation, in early August, according to Naarden, dealers are regularly arrested with small quantities of drugs.

Those drugs come from larger parties that are in circulation. Naarden thinks that a lot more attention should be paid to small dealers, especially because they try to get in touch with young people more than ever before to offer their stuff. “You can not gauge them, it’s difficult to measure nowadays, because the drugs that are in circulation come to different people trying to sell them We do not forget the big dealers, but the small ones do the most damage because they’re in between the people move at any time of the day. ” 



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