Reverse Racism: Black teenager riding home from church with white grandmother handcuffed in Wisconsin after false robbery report

A black teenager in Wisconsin was handcuffed and detained by local police while headed home from church with his white grandmother after passerby told cops he was robbing her.

Akil Carter, 18, was detained for six minutes Sunday after his grandmother’s blue Lexus was pulled over by officers of the Wauwatosa Police Department.

Wauwatosa Police Capt. Brian Zalewski told the Daily News an officer on patrol had been flagged down by a black couple who claimed two black men had just robbed a white woman, and were sitting in the back of a blue Lexus.

Zalewski said the couple pointed out the car, which was then pulled over by an officer in a “non-approach traffic stop.” He added that the citizen who reported the incident did not stick around to give a formal statement as requested by officers.

Video footage of the incident shows police pulling over the Lexus and demanding Carter exit with his hands up.

He does, and eventually begins walking backward to where the patrol vehicle is located.

After the officer asks his grandmother if everything is OK, she informs them that Carter is her grandson and that they’re headed back to her house from church.



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