NYC: New ‘Bushwick Crew’ indictment charges five new suspects in bloody Brooklyn/Queens drug gang

Members of a brutal drug gang dubbed the “Bushwick Crew” tortured, killed and torched the corpses of two armed bandits captured during a botched heroin heist, authorities charged Friday.

The 2013 double-murder typified the cold-blooded operations of the gang accused in a superseding Brooklyn Federal Court indictment with operating a violent multimillion-dollar heroin ring in Brooklyn and Queens.

“Not only are these gang members pushing deadly drugs in our most vulnerable communities, they’re allegedly killing rivals and bystanders in their attempts to maintain power and control,” said FBI Assistant Director-in-Charge William Sweeney Jr. of the New York office.

The new 19-count indictment added five new defendants to the charges already brought against four other alleged gangsters — including the horrific March 5, 2013, executions of Gary Lopez and Ruby Superville after their attempt to rob a “Crew” stash house went wildly wrong.

The dealer inside the location with one kilo of heroin and $150,000 cash managed to grabbed his gun and shoot the two bandits, court papers said.

Five of the defendants were then summoned to the apartment where the wounded pair were held — with the desperate Lopez at one point managing a fruitless call to 911, begging for help. Lopez was finally shot in the head, and Superville fatally stabbed.



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