NYC: Black parents come out against de Blasio’s desegregation plan

An all-Black parent activist group came out swinging against Mayor de Blasio’s controversial plan to desegregate the city’s elite specialized high schools, saying he has inadvertently provoked animosity between communities of color with an ill-considered program.

Parenting While Black, a grassroots organization based in Brooklyn, sent a letter to de Blasio Wednesday that calls for a meeting to discuss his plan to overhaul admissions to the group of world-famous high schools, including Brooklyn Tech and Stuyvesant High School, that enroll just a trickle of black and Hispanic kids.

The group, which has about 50 members, says de Blasio has created tension between the black community and Asian families, who account for the majority of admissions to the sought-after schools with the proposal that would reduce Asian enrollment.

“Our concern is the framing of the proposal which unnecessarily stokes animosity between communities of color, while at the same time failing to address the heart of the issues underlying our concerns with the City’s approach to education policy for Black children,” the Parenting While Black letter states.

It’s the first all-Black community group to come out against de Blasio’s proposal, which has been widely criticized for failing to address systemic racial segregation in the city schools.



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