Cuba: “Racism and Violence, a Perverse Relationship”

A song by Cuban pop duo Buena Fegoes: “And that woman with bruises will say she slipped in the wind, I fell in the sea, goes back to the kitchen to hide tears behind onions.”

There are updated stats in Cuba about physical and psychological violence not only against women and girls, but also against boys and men, although to a lesser degree.

A gender equality survey (which hadn’t been carried out in 30 years), was implemented in 2016 by the Federation of Cuban Women’s (FMC) Women’s Studies Center (CEM) and Cuba’s Office of Statistics (ONEI), with the help of the UN Population Fund, UN Women, UN Development Programme (UNDP) and other United Nations bodies.

“For the first time, data relating to gender violence was collected via a national survey and never to this extent before,” Mayda Alvarez, director of the Women’s Studies Center (CEM), told the press.

These are some partial conclusions drawn from the survey, which included a sample size of 19,189 women and men aged between 15 and 74 years old, across the country:

A figure of 77.6% of men surveyed and 80.1% of women believed that gender violence was justified (among other alleged reasons) when she had been unfaithful or because she didn’t do the household chores, which proves that the majority accept abuse if they are because of the two above-mentioned reasons.

Over a third of the women surveyed making such a statement proves that there is still a long road ahead, but that there is at least more awareness of the problem among victims.


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