London Mayor Sadiq Kahn “Has No Plan” To Fight London Crime: Former Top Adviser

London Mayor Sadiq Kahn has been dressed down in a scathing attack by former Metropolitan Police superintendent Leroy Logan, who says that Kahn has no “coherent strategy” to fight violent crime in London, reports the Evening Standard following a special investigative series.

In a scathing attack, former Metropolitan Police superintendent Leroy Logan accused the Mayor of adopting an “enforcement approach” and failing to properly build trust with communities.

He said: “The results speak for themselves, he is failing and unfortunately there are young people dying on the street because of that.” –Evening Standard

Recall in April we reported that London had surpassed New York City’s murder ratefor a second month in a row due to a surge in knife attacks.

Logan’s comments appear in day two of the Standard‘s special investigation into Kahn’s record as Mayor. The audit covers four main categories which Londoners listed as their top priorities in 2016 when Kahn ran for office. The London mayor has failed spectacularly on crime, the Standard reveals, despite Kahn’s manifesto promising to “challenge gang culture and knife crime head-on” by beefing up neighborhood policing.

Figures show that roberies have soared by 22% in the 12 months leading up to July, while knife crimes are up 12%. The number of violent crimes in general is up 5% over the same period.



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