NYPD supervisor embroiled in cop rape investigation gets promoted amid claims officers under him intimidated the victim

The NYPD has promoted a department supervisor who oversaw an investigation into claims that a young Brooklyn woman was raped by two detectives — and was present at the hospital when other cops allegedly intimidated her into changing her story, the Daily News has learned.

Deputy Inspector Michael Kletzel, 49, of the NYPD’s Warrant Section was promoted to full inspector during a promotion ceremony at police headquarters on Friday.

In the coming weeks, he is expected to be deposed over what he knows about the alleged sexual assault of a 19-year-old Brooklyn woman who said she was raped in the back of a police van after being taken into custody by former Brooklyn South Narcotics Detectives Richard Hall and Eddie Martins on Sept. 15.

Martins, 37, and Hall, 32, told investigators the sex was consensual. They resigned from the NYPD in November and are currently both facing rape charges.

The victim, who goes by the name Anna Chambers on social media, claimed that after the rape in Coney Island, she went to Maimonides Medical Center with her mother to get a rape test. When police were alerted, several cops showed up at the hospital and allegedly encouraged her to change her story, telling her that the attack couldn’t have happened the way she said it did.


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