Jamaica: Idris Elba’s Yardie Screened In Ja

In the company of the film’s local cast and crew members, Palace Cineplex housed a private screening of Idris Elba’s directorial debut, Yardie.

Led by British actor Aml Ameen and Jamaican Shantol Jackson, the film is positioned to be marked as one that spurned a paradigm shift in local film production.

Adapted from Victor Headley’s novel of the same name, the film’s plot is a capsule of a larger story explored in the book by the Jamaican-born writer. On screen, the story follows the protagonist Dennis ‘D’ Campbell, who travels from 1970s Kingston, Jamaica, to 1980s Hackney, London, on a mission given to him by his nefarious employer. Beyond the tropes of gangsters, drugs, and retribution, Yardie also offers a historical look at Jamaican styles, sounds, and landscape.

“Jamaicans are so critical of themselves and seeing themselves represented. It is a Jamaican-British film, so you want to represent the people and the culture well. I was really excited to see it here with Jamaicans and to see their response,” Jackson shared with The Gleaner.

Love for Jamaican content

The young actress who attended the film’s premiere in London and at Sundance Film Festival, Jackson hopes that Jamaicans will love the film. “I think I did a good job, but if you guys think I did a good job, it would be way more fulfilling.”



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