Guyana: $4B to meet teachers’ demands

IT WILL cost the treasury over $4B to meet the Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU) demands for a 40 per cent and incremental five per cent salary increases, the Education Ministry has revealed.
Having stated that it is not able to meet this figure and coupled with a nationwide strike branding the resumption of school in the country, the ministry says that it has about 2,500 educators in its database to be deployed as a Plan B.

This latter initiative forms a part of the government’s contingency plan which kicked into action on Monday, when hundreds of teachers from all across the country took up industrial action in demand of salary increases.

At a news conference on Monday evening, comprising of Minister of Education Nicolette Henry and Chief Education Officer Marcel Hutson, the team revealed that there was no new figure to be put forward to the union, although stating that they are still in talks with the Ministry of Finance to find other areas of funding.

“We have not been able to have that information as yet from the Ministry of Finance in terms of the additional funding that they were tasked to seek at this point in time, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education Adele Clarke updated.
The ministry had initially put forward a ballpark figure of $700M for salary increases and $200 million to address de-bunching while President David Granger on Friday said that the government is currently looking for additional funds to increase the amount.


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