The New Orleans Homework and Reading Assistance Programme has been given high praise from Senator Dr. Rommel Springer.

The Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Technology and Vocational Training commended the Pan American International Insurance Corporation (PAIIC) and the Royal Barbados Police Force for hosting the programme, now in its fifth year.

Springer, a former teacher, encouraged the eight students gathered at the PAIIC’s Training Room not to waste their time at school, advising them that if they did so, “you are setting yourself up to struggle 10, 20, 30 years down the line or even for the rest of your life”.

Speaking to the parents, he urged them to ensure that they knew what was going on in their children’s lives, even if it meant a lack of privacy.

“I know there is a lot of talk about the child having a certain amount of privacy. You need to check behind your child. Get into your child’s business, read your child’s chats, get on your child’s Facebook. We need to do these things because your child may be doing things that would blow your mind,” he added.

He told the caregivers that there should be no blurring of the line between friend and parent, as this often led to the child leading the parents and not vice versa.

Commending the volunteer teachers and police officers for tutoring the group, he expressed his hopes to see more such initiatives in other communities across the country. (JMB)



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