Bahamas: US Research Group To Study High Rate of Prostate Cancer Gene In Grand Bahama

WITH high rates of prostate cancer in the country, a cancer research group from the United States is due back in Grand Bahama today to continue ongoing research of the BRCA gene in Bahamian men and its link to the disease.

Don Mitchell, chairman of Us TOO Grand Bahama, said that a research team out of Philadelphia will conduct research on Bahamian men who have had prostate cancer.

The group will conduct training on Friday and Saturday for designated volunteers who will be assisting the team in its research.

Mr Mitchell said research participants will take a saliva test and be interviewed by the trained designated volunteers at the Quantum Physicians Facility on West Atlantic Drive on September 3-6.

“This is possibly a breakthrough area we are venturing into in Grand Bahama, and it is also going to be done in Nassau, and we will also be getting samples as well from (a doctor) in Abaco,” said Mr Mitchell, a prostate cancer survivor.

“We have already discovered through this research that prostate cancer is linked to the BRCA gene and it is a distinct possibility that the gene originates in the man.

“If the father has the gene he can pass it on to his son and daughter and it will show up as prostate cancer in the son and breast cancer in the daughter.

“This research will continue for a while as you are aware research takes a long time, but I think we should applaud Dr Robin Roberts who has given very unselfishly for many years to see our Bahamian men with prostate issues free of charge, and he is taking it to another level and we are supporting him.”

The Us TOO organisation, along with the Cancer Society here on the island, is conducting its annual free prostate cancer screening for men on Grand Bahama on September 7 and 8 and has planned a number of events to raise awareness of the disease.


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