War Of Words Erupts Between Jeff Bezos And Bernie Sanders

It may be time to set aside the long-running Trump-Bezos feud: a new war of words has erupted involving the world’s richest person, and this time his adversary is none other than the polar ideological opposite of President Trump – socialist Bernie Sanders.

On Wednesday, Amazon finally had enough of sitting quietly on the receiving end of a constant stream of criticisms and slammed accusations by Sen. Bernie Sanders, saying his repeated claims of poor worker conditions in its fulfillment centers are “inaccurate and misleading.”

“We have been in regular contact with his office and have offered several opportunities for Senator Sanders and his team to tour one of our fulfillment centers,” the company said in a blog post Wednesday. “To date he has still not seen an FC for himself.”

Sanders has been dinging Amazon on Twitter and in public statements for months, although unlike Trump, he has been focusing on the working conditions for its lower-level employees, claiming the company doesn’t pay them a fair wage. He recently issued a call for Amazon employees to share their experiences in a form that asks, “Have you used public assistance, such as food stamps, Medicaid or subsidized housing, in order to make ends meet?”

Amazon’s public response was perplexing: the company has been largely silent amid repeated public attacks by President Donald Trump on the company and CEO Jeff Bezos, owner of the highly critical of the president, Washington Post. Trump has attacked Amazon for how the company pays taxes and its payments to the U.S. Postal Service.

Now Amazon is facing war on both fronts.

In its response, the company writes that “while Senator Sanders plays politics and makes misleading accusations, we are expending real money and effort upskilling people. No one knows what it’s like to work in one of our fulfillment centers better than the skilled and dedicated people who do it every day. That’s why we are encouraging all employees to take Senator Sanders up on his request and respond with their actual experience.”



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