Suriname: Cooperation agreement with France in the making

After years of negotiating a cooperation agreement between Suriname and France, the time has come. The framework agreement for friendship and development will be signed next week, when the French minister of overseas territories stays for a working visit in Suriname.

According to Minister Yldiz Beighle of Foreign Affairs, this agreement focuses on public health, safety and development in general. Promoting cooperation in the border area between the two neighboring countries Suriname and French Guiana will also be discussed in the agreement to be concluded. The framework agreement will regulate the development cooperation between Suriname and France.

At the moment, the final touches are also being put on matters relating to mutual legal assistance, according to the Minister. The expectation is that a bilateral agreement will also be signed in the foreseeable future. Beighle points out that there is closer cooperation in combating mercury use. The army and police of both countries are already working together. As a result, Frans-Guyana was able to offer assistance a few months ago when robbery was committed on fishing boats off the Surinamese coast.



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