Jamaica: Arnett Gardens Shopkeeper-Eye Witness Shot Multiple Times – Mom Of Raped & Murdered 14-Y-O Flees Community

Worshippers at the Inner City for Christ Ministry in Arnett Gardens fell to the floor in fear as gunshots echoed outside the church in a daring gun attack late Tuesday night.

When the congregation wobbled to their feet and went outside, one man was discovered shot in what residents on 12th Street in the South St Andrew community claim was a reprisal attack for the murder of 14-year-old Yetanya ‘Princess’ Francis, who was raped and whose body was burnt in the church’s open lot last Thursday.

Police said that the injured man, a shopkeeper, was shot multiple times by at least three thugs who ordered ganja before the shooting took place at about 9:30 p.m. They said that the gunmen made their escape on a section of 12th Street that has been without street lights for months.

According to the residents, the shopkeeper lived two doors down from Francis’ home and was targeted because he was allegedly involved in a case of carnal abuse three years ago.

Police, however, could not confirm the allegations, even as they took a man into custody for questioning about the rape case and patrolled the area, hoping to calm fearful residents.

“We over the church and hear the barrage of shots, and everybody just drop pon the ground and started praying. Then somebody called the police and told them that we are trapped over there. We didn’t know where it coming from,” recalled a female congregant.

“Is little bit afterward that we take time come out and we see the yellow tape. We never know that is right here it happened. So close,” lamented the woman, pointing to the bloody shop from which the injured man was hurriedly hoisted after residents heard him calling out for help.



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