Jamaica: Rainforest Sends First Shipment Of Live Lobsters To China

Rainforest Seafoods Limited shipped off their first orders of 2,000 live lobsters to China via air this week.

The shipment is bound for Shenzhen.

“Consumers in mainland China will pay top dollar for their lobsters alive. Therefore, it is critical to ensure the best quality and the strongest animals are exported,” said Rainforest Business Development Manager Max Jardim as the lobsters were being crated for travel.

“Naturally, the best-quality lobster is supplied by our Jamaican fisherfolk who go to sea in the morning and return in the evening,” he said.

Rainforest Seafoods is the first Jamaican company to export this type of seafood to that region of China. The company is hoping to export one ton of live lobsters per week.

Jardim said there were some regulatory issues that Rainforest was working through with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture & Fisheries (MICAF), to further unlock the earning potential of seafood.

MICAF has been accommodating throughout the discussions and willing to facilitate the company, once food-safety standards were kept at paramount concern, he said.

Exporting live lobsters is a complex process, Jardim explained, requiring close collaboration.



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