Guyana: No genuine effort to bring relief to the teachers – GTUC

Planned teachers’ strike begins today

As teachers are likely to take part in a nationwide strike beginning today, the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC) impressed all, including civil society and the business community, to be in solidarity with the nation’s teachers as they seek improved working conditions. In a statement from the combined union body on Sunday, the GTUC outlined that “no genuine effort to bring relief to the teachers”.

“The struggle of the teachers for a living wage and the importance of sustaining themselves to perform require having their needs met and these can only be addressed at the negotiation table. Teachers are seeking an agreement with the employer, the Government of Guyana, after the last four-year agreement signed with the PPP/C Government expired in 2015,” the GTUC reminded.

The Union expressed its dismay over Government’s non-implementation of the Task Force’s Report which recommended increases of 40 per cent. The GTUC is also perturbed by recent suggestions by Government that it would to employ substitutes should teachers proceed on strike.

The Carvil Duncan headed body feels Government should address the “lingering” grievances, having observed that strike action is consistent with the Collective Labour Agreement and Article 147 (2) of the Guyana Constitution. The body observed that teachers should be able to function in an environment where learning will benefit the students.



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