NYC: Separate shootings in Brooklyn leave four wounded, sending stray bullet into state senator’s office

Two shootings in Brooklyn left four people wounded and sent a bullet sailing into the door frame of a state senator’s packed campaign office Thursday night.

The gunfire erupted at around 7:30 p.m., in front of the Cypress Hills houses on Euclid Ave., and on Rogers Ave. and Crown St. in Crown Heights. A stray round hit the Rogers Ave. campaign office of state Sen. Jesse Hamilton. None of the 40 or 50 campaign workers inside were injured, Hamilton told the Daily News

“This happened literally a block and a half away from where Carey Gabay was shot,” Hamilton said, referring to the slaying of a 41-year-old aide to Gov. Cuomo who was killed during the J’Ouvert festivities in 2015. “We’re living like a third-world country. It’s like we’re living in Afghanistan. I get tired of young men getting shot in our community…. We need more money for gang initiatives,” he said Thursday.

The bullet that struck his campaign office missed the front door window by an inch, he said.



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