Grenada: The Nursing Fraternity Is At Wits End

Members of the nursing fraternity are reportedly very challenged by a number of issues and concerns plaguing them.

President of Public Workers Union (PWU) Rachel Roberts spoke to the media recently about what in the union’s view are matters that are negative to the interest of nurses in Grenada.

Ms. Roberts said, “We are very disappointed, and concerned about the arrogance and disrespect demonstrated by officials of the Ministry of Health towards of our nursing fraternity and the Public Workers Union.

“Our union on several occasions made calls to the Ministry of Health requesting meetings on the terms and conditions of our members but to no avail”, she said.

Roberts added that the union is very disappointed, because it seems that it is being taken for granted. They are therefore calling upon the leadership of the Ministry of Health and informing them that the union and its members are very serious and as such they are not going to be disrespected in any way by the Ministry of Health.

She further lamented that to date, their members are still on contract and are being threatened and bullied by officials of the ministry to sign expired contracts.

“We are still faced with the issue within the Ministry of Health that our membership is not being treated as valuable members of the public service who are playing an integral and critical role within the public service. One specific grievance relates to specifically to nurses who are being disregarded, disrespected and disenfranchised and are being demotivated and demoralized.” according to the President.


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