Cuba: Some Traps in Cuba’s New Constitution

There are major changes that appear in the new draft Constitution (now in its popular consultation phase), which make it seem modern, keeping up with changes in Cuban society and other expressions to hide what it really is.

In fact, using same-sex marriage, the recognition of private property and the disappearance of the word “Communism” is nothing but a trap; hiding their intention to keep Cuban citizens subjected to a single political option, the Communist Party.

Article 40, which refers to the right to be treated equally, now includes factors such as “gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnic origin and disability” which bans discrimination based on any of these as well as those that already exist in Article 42 such as discrimination based on race, color of the skin, sex, national origin, religious creeds. However, there is still no ban on discrimination for political reasons, which leads us to think that it will continue to be a reason for discrimination on the island, now and in the future.

Hidden behind this air of “modernity and tolerance” that the new draft Constitution wants to give off, which is currently being debated and which the Government hopes to pass, there are three big traps.

(1) The Cuban Communist Party (PCC) is the only party, thereby leaving only one political option for everything; (2) The eternal permanence of socialism as Cuba’s form of government and (3) Criminalizing everyone who thinks differently to the PCC.



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