Dominican Republic beefs up the border after armed clash

Dominican Republic authorities on Sun. announced that the border has been reinforced with equipment, weapons and soldiers and warned that the Armed Forces won’t allow any type of action that threatens the area’s security and defense.

Defense minister Rubén Darío Paulino said the measure was adopted in the heels of a clash with gunfire at the Carrizal, Elías Piña (west) border crossing on Saturday, between the military of both nations.

The incident occurred when a mob of Haitians tried to forcibly unload three truckloads of cement from Dominican territory without complying with Customs and Immigration procedure.

Paulino said as the result of the clash he ordered additional soldiers to the area.

He assured that contrary to what Haitian authorities say, the incident occurred in Dominican territory, which he affirms can be seen in satellite images.

Paulino said there was a meeting between the Dominican authorities and those of Belladère after the shooting.

The official said despite an agreement to hold another meeting Sunday morning, the Haitian representatives didn’t attend.

“Since yesterday (Saturday) the border crossing has been reinforced, there were personnel from the Cesfront (Border Guard), it was increased with personnel from the command unit of the National Army,” Paulino added.



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