Dominica: Tourism minister says work on Tourism Master Plan moving ahead

Minister of Tourism, Robert Tonge, has revealed that work on the blue print of the much-touted Tourism Master Plan will move ahead in a few months, and will reflect the government’s vision of resilience.

“The review of the Tourism Policy and Master Plan will be moving ahead in the next few months, to reflect the new realities, and the new vision of resilience, as we develop the necessary blue print to move our national tourism agenda over the next decade,” he stated, at the Dominica Hotel and Tourism Association’s (DHTA) annual general meeting, on Wednesday.

The Minister detailed the expected expenses from the various ministries contributing to the improvement of natural sites across the island.

“This financial year, the Ministry of Tourism is expected to spend well over $9-million on the various site improvement across the island,” Tonge said. “And, through the Ministry of Environment, an additional $2.8-million has been budgeted for the improvement of trails and facilities within the natural parks and eco-sites; and $2.4-million under urban renewal, to include the upgrade of the Botanical Gardens back to its former glory.”

Tonge also noted that better amenities and signage must be incorporated at all natural sites, and the level and quality of information and guide services should be enhanced. This, as well improvement in the training of tourism industry workers “to ensure that we can render the highest quality of service on a consistent basis,” he assured will inspire visitors to promote the island positively.

In the 2016/2017 National Budget, $8.5-million was allocated for marketing Dominica, to facilitate implementation of the much-touted Tourism Master Plan.



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