Trinidad: Rambharat-Country needs mega-farmers

Government has decided to provide lands to those farmers who need to expand their businesses to stimulate economic activity in the agriculture sector.

Agriculture Minister Senator Clarence Rambharat announced this during the sod-turning ceremony for Nutrimix’s Next Generation Hatchery, Brechin Castle, Couva yesterday.

He said the country did not need mega-farms but mega-farmers, and this was a failure of the administration of lands.

“We have excellent farmers who with additional lands would be able to expand what they do and lower the cost of production.

“As a government we took a decision to give priority in relation to the availability and distribution of land to those farmers who are already doing well and need land for expansion either exactly where they are or to relocate. The issue is land: we would like to make available land on a timely basis to those people who really need it to stimulate economic activity. We have not done well in terms of our land administration in terms of making lands available to those people who really need it in order to create economic activity.”



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