Guyana: Woodlands Hospital commissions multi-million dollar ICU

THE Woodlands Hospital has commissioned a multi-million dollar Intensive Care Unit (ICU) which is expected to cater for the growing number of patients that access services at the facility.

The ICU is a special area in any hospital which caters for patients who are critically ill and need specialised care or one- on-one nursing. Over the years, the demand for intensive care has increased because of the influx of critically-ill patients, said Managing Director of Woodlands Hospital Dr. Neville Gobin, at the launch of the hospital’s new facility on Tuesday.

The hospital recognised that its ICU was inadequate and could not facilitate the influx of critically-ill patients, so they took a decision to construct the new facility.

“This new facility has adequate space, seven beds- five in the open and two isolated… the beds are well equipped with all that is required in an ICU setting…I think we have everything that you could find in an ICU in any country,” said Dr. Gobin.

He believes that an ICU requires four important ingredients, which include space, equipment, staff and doctors. Fifty years ago when the hospital first opened its doors, the ICU was equipped with just two beds and inadequate equipment and staff who were not properly trained to care of patients in the ICU.As the popularity of the hospital increased, the ICU was expanded to accommodate four beds and better equipment.



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