Dominica: Sapphire Carrington outlines PPOD’s development plans for Dominica

Leader of the People’s Party of Dominica (PPOD), Sapphire Carrington, has disclosed the party’s plans for various sectors within the country if it were to form the next government.

Among these, is a plan to establish a major health facility in the St. Joseph parish, in an effort to eradicate poverty in the area.

Speaking on Q95 FM’s talk show “Hot Seat” with Mathias Peltier, on Wednesday, Carrington, divulged that the proposed facility would provide employment for several people within the community.

She also spoke of working with organizations which are rebuilding health clinics, and constructing a medical supply store at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH). She did not name any of those organizations.

“In terms of healthcare… I mentioned about starting to work with organizations that are reconstructing the health clinics and will also be working on doing the new section of the Princess Margaret [Hospital]—the medical supply store…” Carrington elaborated. “We’re working with a company also, in the US, that we are hoping we can get financing to bring in a major medical centre; and we are looking to do that towards the Mero/St. Joseph section. One of the reasons we are looking at Mero in terms of the major health facility is St. Joseph, as a parish is, [it’s] one of our poorest parishes.”

Carrington, who it is said,  was a teacher for a decade, discussed revising the national curriculum, which she believes to be outdated.

“In terms of education…currently, we’re kind of operating on like a 19th century curriculum, which we need to update… so we can train our students to become productive citizens. That’s key for us,” Carrington explained.



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