There are high hopes for health tourism as a growth area in Barbados.

This was the word coming from veteran businesswoman Mrs Asha Ram Mirchandani, owner of Case Grande Airport Hotel & Resort.

She was speaking to the Barbados Advocate at the anniversary celebration of the Washington University of Barbados School of Medicine at the International Hall at that location, where she indicated this medical school shows the potential of health tourism in Barbados and creating new ways to earn foreign exchange.

Mirchandani highlighted, “The past Government of Barbados has to be congratulated for the foresight they had of earning foreign exchange for this country, giving medical schools the opportunity to be established here as part of International Business. The Washington University is one of them, which is housed in the B Block of Case Grande, and they hope to bring in another 500 students. It has been a lot of hard work and we want to continue to push.”

She continued: “The present Government also has to be congratulated for the Prime Minister’s foresight for carrying on the work of medical schools that have been established and we appreciate the people of Barbados for understanding business has to change and that we have to find new ways to bring foreign exchange. Also, the Ross School is coming to Barbados in January, [that] will also benefit Barbadians because 1 400 students are coming into Barbados.”



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