Jamaica: Bulletproof Windows For New Court Of Appeal Building

Bulletproof windows are among the new features that will benefit judges come September when the newly renovated Court of Appeal opens in downtown Kingston.

Minister of Justice Delroy Chuck made the announcement yesterday during a tour of the $846 million facility, which will house 14 chambers for judges, three new courtrooms, and a registry. Chuck said that with the additional space, the backlog of cases in the appeal court would be reduced.

“I am keeping my fingers crossed that next month, there will be enough space for judges so that more [justices] can be appointed to the Court of Appeal. Judges in the Court of Appeal, like the other judges in the Supreme Court and the parish courts, are overworked. Until we have these judges, we will not be able to deliver most of these cases, which are pending for months and years,” said Chuck.

He noted that one of the conditions for the European Union to provide funding for the project was a reduction in case backlog.

The two elevators, panel for the courtrooms, and air conditioners should be installed by the end of August. According to Chuck, by the second week in September before the start of the Court of Appeal term, there would be a formal opening of the two top floors of the renovated building. The bottom floor housing the registry would take additional weeks to be completed.



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