The Badees and Mulan Saga continues-VIDEO: Extended video of racially divisive nail salon brawl in Brooklyn offers another angle

Angry protesters called for a boycott of a Brooklyn nail salon Monday days after a botched eyebrow treatment led to a violent indoor melee complete with pushing, shoving and a worker swinging a broken broomstick.

A longer surveillance video from the Nostrand Avenue shop showed the full extent of the Friday night fracas, and had anxious police officers looking to arrest another fight participant in addition to the two already busted after the barbaric eyebrow beatdown.

One worker even picked up a chair and swung it.

Tensions were so high between the mostly-black protesters and the Chinese employees of New Red Apple Nails salon that cops, shortly before 3 p.m., had to escort the workers out of the shop into a van for their protection.

Outside, demonstrators, who backed the black woman and her grandmother whose complaints sparked the scuffle, showered the workers with booes — and a few tossed objects.

Some held signs that said “Black $$$ Matter,” and shouted “shut them down.”



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