Barbados: Mr. Blood wins Pic-o-de-Crop competition

THERE is a new Pic-o-de-Crop King in Barbados.

A true representation that perseverance seldom fails is the story of Anderson “Mr. Blood” Armstrong. He received his just rewards on Friday night during the Courtesy/Mount Gay Pic-o-de-Crop Finals, held at the Kensington Oval, when he drove away a brand new, fully loaded Nissan X Trail, valued at $126 000, after being declared the winner.

Representing the Big Show Tent and hailed as one of the more consistent performers in Barbados, Mr. Blood made it to the finals of the competition on several occasions in the past and has won many other competitions in his career. When the results were announced just around 1:20 am, Mr. Blood came out on top with 104 value points for his winning songs “Sexual Harassment” and “Stars and Stripes”.

Blood’s presentations stayed away from the expected post- election analysis, which many performers touched on but which quickly became repetitive. Addressing the topical issue of sexual harassment in the workplace, Mr. Blood showed how it not only affects women, but also men. His second appearance on stage was even more impactful, not only lyrically but visually, as he addressed the fact that Barbadians must move away from acculturation and instead seek to preserve what is uniquely theirs culturally. With his back-up singers changing costumes from blue, white and red to aquamarine and gold; and the “living” Statue of Liberty being replaced to the Emancipation statue, Blood undoubtedly gave his all into his presentations, which did not go unnoticed by the judges at the Oval.



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