Jamaica: Multibillion-Dollar Road Upgrades To Ease Congestion, Boost Economic Activity

The Government of Jamaica is expending billions of dollars to upgrade major road segments in Kingston and St Andrew in order to facilitate seamless travel by the commuting public and enhance connectivity to major markets and commercial centres, thereby boosting economic activity.

The projects being undertaken are the US$19-million Constant Spring Road Improvement project, US$64-million Mandela Highway Realignment and Reconstruction project, and the US$56-million Hagley Park Road Improvement project.

These legacy projects, which are being implemented by the National Works Agency (NWA), represent a continuation of work to improve the island’s road network in order to enhance the quality of life of citizens and to stimulate economic growth and development.

Acting Communication and Customer Services Manager, NWA, Ramona Lawson, said the improvement works are at varying stages of completion and will result in reduction of travel time along the corridors.

“At Mandela Highway, we are currently 86 per cent complete; at Hagley Park Road, we are 12 per cent complete, and at Constant Spring Road, 17 per cent complete,” she said.

She explained that the Mandela Highway reconstruction project will, among other things, increase the number of lanes from four to six between Six Miles and the ‘on and off’ ramps of Highway 2000.

In addition, sections of the roadway will be raised to reduce the risk of the corridor becoming inundated. The Duhaney River box culvert will be upgraded and a new bridge constructed over the Fresh River.

Mandela Highway is a very important thoroughfare in the nation’s road infrastructure, as it serves as a link between Kingston and the northern, western and southern sections of the island.



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