Cuba: Same-Sex Marriage-a False Move

The LGBTQI community has insisted on joining an archaic institution which they were never really excluded from, to be honest. They have preferred to do this instead of being the avant-garde of the struggle for a real freedom to love, thereby falling into a trap which is very similar to imitation, anti-social behavoir or worse yet, a display of the group’s insecurity and low self-esteem.

Was the LGBTQI community really excluded from the institution of Marriage? Not at all, we all have the same right and the same limitations within the legal framework which was understood (and which most people still understand) to be Marriage.

Like every other right, our right to marry is mediated by social consensus and depends on what the majority of society conceives it to be. For example, property rights in Victorian England aren’t the same as they are in Sioux culture; both of these societies have a different consensus about this right and it’s what the majority think that defines it.

Today, nobody is denied the right to marry, whether they are a LGBTIQ person or not. Have they not wanted to exercise this right in the manner it has been established? Great for them. Do they want to change the law and adapt it to a social minority’s understanding at a grassroots level because this doesn’t affect the majority? I think that’s great and they should be demanding this. Does the law need changing because it’s unfair and discriminatory? No, it isn’t unfair nor is it discriminatory. It’s just what it is and it needs to be changed if there is a social consensus. Is there consensus?

Now, I wonder: does the LGBTQI community agree with keeping the ban that exists on polygamous, incestuous or zoophilic marriages? I hope they do because this would be very hypocritical on their part. If the LGBTQI community is rejecting the traditional conceptualization of Marriage as the legal union between a man and woman, what would their argument be to not go one step further and approve of all consensual unions that don’t harm either party involved or the rest of society? What grounds would they have to argue against this? Freud would be very happy.

The activist focus that the LGBTQI community has adopted on this subject bothers me. I am bothered by the fact that they are making the inexistence of a right into a rejection of this same right. What many of the LGBTQI community want is a new law to be created, not for a discriminatory situation to be restored, let’s make that perfectly clear.



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