The third Chinese medical team is set to commence work at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) in August.

Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China in Barbados, Yan Xiusheng explained that the team comprises eight members and is led by Dr. Wang Dong. This team will work in Barbados for a period of six months.

He stated this on Friday night while addressing the reception at the Chinese Embassy to welcome the third Chinese medical team and bid farewell to the second medical team.

The Ambassador additionally told the gathering, which comprised some patients, senior doctors and heads of departments of the QEH, of the work completed by the second medical team during their time in Barbados.

“In the past 12 months, the second medical team, with sound cooperation with their counterparts at the QEH, performed some750 surgery operations and offered treatment to more than 6,000 outpatients. Out of that, not only a large number of common and frequently-occurring diseases were cured, but also quite a few rare ones, some of which even became precedent in the medical service of Barbados.”

During the proceedings, the second delegation was commended for their professionalism and work by the local senior doctors and the patient who spoke. Health and Wellness Minister, Colonel Jeffrey Bostic also extended appreciation on behalf of Barbados highlighting the desire to deepen ties in the area of public health care between the two countries.

Bostic disclosed that to date “medical support has been provided by two medical teams comprising five surgeons, five physicians and six nurses across the specialities of nuclear medicine, anesthesia, rehabilitation, orthopaedics, critical care and nephrology.”



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