Trinidad: Churches knock gay pride parade

EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN churches are calling Saturday’s gay pride parade in Port of Spain a serious wake up call for the churches. They are also warning that the gay lifestyle is a threat to the family structure and would eventually destroy the nation.

The various church leaders said they are not raising their voices in condemnation but speaking the truth in love. They said they are also open to ministering and counselling members of the LGBTQI+ community.

In sharp contrast was Roman Catholic Archbishop Jason Gordon who said the LGBTQI+ community has legitimate concerns which must be taken seriously by the country, the Government and people of TT. His response was shared via the Archdiocese of Port of Spain’s Facebook page yesterday.

On Saturday, for the first time in TT, scores of people from the LGBTQI+ community participated in a gay pride parade at the Nelson Mandela Park in Port of Spain .

President of the TT Evangelical Council of Churches, Rev Desmond Austin, which represents over 40 evangelical churches, says while freedom of expression is guaranteed under the Constitution a difference must be made between a right and a fundamental right. He called the parade part of a global cultural shift and said TT should not be surprised that it has come home.



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