Ortega Blames Crisis in Nicaragua on the USA

At first he said the masked paramilitary troops operating in Nicaragua’s cities were assassins organized by “the right” with US funding.  Later in this Euronews interview he said they are actually volunteer police.


HAVANA TIMES – Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega today blamed the United States for the crisis his country has been facing since last April and reiterated that he will not abandon power or hold early elections as the opposition demands, reported dpa news.

In an interview with the European network Euronews, Ortega said that the figure of more than 300 deaths in less than three months reported by local and international human rights organizations is “false” and “manipulated”, and that the Government records 195 deaths.

“The truth is that we are facing a powerful enemy, who intervened militarily in Nicaragua on different occasions: the United States,” said the 72-year-old president, who ruled in the 1980s and returned to power in 2007.

As “proof” of his assertion he said that the United States finances NGOs with funds “that are then diverted to destabilize the country, provoke violence and encourage armed groups (and) terrorist actions.”

Ortega said that “it is not all the people, (but) a part of the population” that demands his resignation and said he is unaware of a recent survey that revealed that 79 percent of Nicaraguans want him out of the government.

“Not long ago we had elections and what we have now has been an attempted coup,” said the president, who since 2017 has his fourth presidential term, the third consecutive one.



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