Cuba: Revolution or Resistance?

HAVANA TIMES – Those of us who believe that Cuba is suffering at the hands of a perverse and corrupted totalitarian government, commonly say that the Cuban people have been too indifferent… In fact, I have dealt with the root cause of this passive attitude in other articles, suggesting that it is due to a concentration of power and civil society’s inability to objectively articulate and organize itself independently from the State and socialist ideology, the island’s only legal political doctrine.

However, this seemingly social indifference might actually be covering an attitude of individual resistance, which is what I want to talk about today: if it really is indifference or rather a resistance tailored to the very specific conditions that have been created here in Cuba by the Castro regime.

Just like I believe we are living under a totalitarian State, I believe that it has failed, not only because of the widespread unhappiness and misery inherent to every tyranny, but it has also failed at its main objective, its own ability to remain in power. There are overwhelming signs that this system is on the brink of collapse and it isn’t absurd to expect variations to this Soviet-type economic planning, which is the beginning of the end of political and social totalitarianism.

The failure of this model wasn’t predestined, it could have worked if a real majority had adopted and defended it, and this is the most essential point here: The system imposed by the Castros fails because it has fought against a minority’s active resistance, a minority who are consciously against a totalitarian attack on civil rights, as well as a vast majority who have unconsciously resisted any implication with a project which they haven’t felt is theirs for a long time now.



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