Guyana: Phillips talks up communal entrepreneurship

HUNDREDS of Lindeners of African descent were on Saturday empowered as to the role they have to play and the agencies that are on board to assist them in becoming successful entrepreneurs, not only as individuals, but collectively.
This was the second out of three One- Stop Business Conferences that are being hosted by the International Decade for People of African Descent Assembly of Guyana (IDPAD-G), in collaboration with the African Business Roundtable (ABR) and the Nile Valley Economic Community (Nivalecom).

Linden has been identified as a predominantly African town and its economy for too long has been stagnated with limited investment opportunities and a far-from- blooming business sector. According to Eric Phillips, President of the African Business Round-table, it was most fitting for the conference to be hosted in Linden, given the limited growth rate in the economy.

He highlighted the 10- 10- 10 economic plan which focuses on a 10 per cent growth rate for the Region 10 economy. He highlighted to the packed audience, approximately 14 business initiatives that would allow this plan to see fruition and will also create up to 5000 jobs in Linden.

High on his agenda was exploitation of the tourism industry, more so aqua- tourism by developing Linden’s river front. He also spoke of turning the town into a green zone in keeping with the country’s push for the green economy; this too can create a plethora of jobs.



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