Phase one of government’s plan to transform blocks across the island into self-sufficient small business centres has commenced.

Speaking while on a tour yesterday at “12 Gauge” – now renamed the “12 Steps Block” – in Silver Hill, Christ Church, Minister of Youth and Community Empowerment, Adrian Forde said steps in the ministry’s ‘Building Blocks’ Programme have started with personnel interacting with those on the block to know their areas of interest.

He explained that through the initiative young persons “are going to put down the weapons of destruction and take up the tools of empowerment”. He pointed out that community centres across the island will be used to train youngsters in business development, character development and “development as it relates resilience”. He additionally stated that persons will be taught a foreign

Forde also said the project is going to include an aspect of beautification of the environment. In communities throughout Barbados, there are “going to be parks around these areas, there are going to be vegetable and fruit businesses [and] we are going to plant some fruit trees around.



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