Guyana needs maturity, not tantrums

PRIME Minister Moses Nagamootoo said he is “undaunted” by tactics of Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo to remove him from the negotiating table between government and opposition, contending that the talks are not about him but about the country’s well-being.
In his weekly column, ‘My Turn’, Nagamootoo addressed the comments of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) leader to the media on Thursday outside the Parliament corridors, where he spoke on the party’s refusal to engage in bi-lateral talks led by the prime minister.

Arrangements for these engagements came about after former United States (US) President Jimmy Carter called Jagdeo earlier this month to query why the PPP refused to meet the government’s extended arm for amicable political talks.
The opposition leader had told Carter that this was due to the prime minister’s absence of a portfolio and his inability to commit the government to decisions.
After relating likewise to President David Granger during their meeting on the nominees for the Police Service Commission and the Public Service Commission last Thursday, the President agreed to lead the talks himself.

In his column, Nagamootoo said Jagdeo harbours a “personal vendetta” against him.
“When I saw the opposition leader sauntering gleefully into Parliament Chambers Thursday last, I thought that he had some good words to share with me after his meeting with President Granger. Instead, he swiped his neck with his right index finger, motioning that someone had cut my throat. Two of his cohorts, basking in radiant smiles, mumbled to me, ‘we threw you under de bus!’



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