Suriname: Farmers Saramacca show solidarity with the Alcoa Action Committee

Farmers from Saramacca have declared their solidarity with the interests of residents in Accaribo, with plantation and landowners in the Para district and with the Alcoa Action Committee. The government always subordinates the living environment and the interests of those involved to the private interests of some individuals and companies. This statement is made by farmers from the Gangaram Pandayweg and the Boerencollective Wayambo.

According to the farmers, the government does not matter whether it concerns residents and land owners of the area where the reservoir is now, or the plantations in Para. Apparently she does not care that the interests of the residents from villages that have now been issued in concessions to companies are being damaged.

Also the interests of people in Paramaribo – where gold buyers and processors are active – leave the government cold, according to the farmers. Furthermore, the authorities would ignore the interests of the residents in the Coppenam area in Coronie and those of the farmers in Saramacca.

In their statement, farmers state that the national interest and the right to self-determination to develop their own areas have become empty cries. The government not only creates a lunar landscape, but is also blowing up a poison balloon over the country with toxic substances such as mercury, cyanide and methane. That balloon will burst apart within too long a time.

According to farmers who are themselves involved in a dispute with Staatsolie, policymakers Alcoa and subsidiary Suralco should not be allowed to help trample the Brokopondo agreement. They ask the Alcoa Action Committee to do everything to stop the dismantling of the alumina plant. The comté must also inform all international organizations about what is happening in Suriname with the environment and in particular the quality of life.



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