Jamaica: Growth Tech WiFi pilot to begin on JUTC buses

Growth Tech has begun installation of its Wi-Fi equipment aboard select JUTC buses in the corporate area.

The pilot project comes just a few months after plans of a partnership between Growth Tech and JUTC and JUTA, were initially announced.

The four-week long pilot will be the test for the gateway devices that have been installed and the Vehicle Area Network (VAN), which will allow passengers to access LTE/4G service inside the vehicles.

A successful testing period will allow up to 80 devices per vehicle to access the Internet.

The devices were installed over the last two weeks at JUTC’s Ashenheim Road Depot in Kingston.

Growth Tech’s CEO Neil Lawrence says he is confident the devices will perform well during the pilot.

“The devices are rugged enough to withstand constant movement, we have worked hard to ensure that. We manage our devices remotely and there will be constant monitoring to block explicit content. The devices also feature back up battery to sustain the unit in the event normal power supply is lost or unavailable. We expect a smooth running and successful pilot period”, Lawrence said.

A full roll out of the service is expected by the end of 2018, as Growth Tech positions itself for success amid a global push for high-speed Internet connectivity.



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